Why is it of such great concern? Then, suggest possible means to address this trend/issue.

Research Paper Guidelines Format: 12-15 pages of text; NOT including APA references and in-text citations: typed (double spaced, 12 point font, 1 inch margins). Absolutely no plagiarism or direct quoting.; paraphrase is fine 1. APA Formatting is required: (e.g., running head, abstract, headings, references, etc.). 2. Organization: The papers should have a brief introduction, appropriate transitions between topic areas, and a short conclusion. 3. References: Consult at least seven (7) outside resources to complete this assignment (the course readings do not count). Please consider the seven-source requirement as establishing the baseline. References should be scholarly and peer-reviewed. Topic: Ever dynamic, organized crime continues to change. Emerging groups of criminals have become more sophisticated and more threatening, and additional crime groups have been added to the pantheon known as “organized crime.” Critical inquiry into organized crime is no longer limited to the United States; instead, globalization and growing economic interdependence have promoted the transformation of crime beyond national borders into all parts of the world. Added to this is the global problem of terrorism. For your research paper, please focus on the current landscape of organized crime. Please identify an emerging trend/issue in organized crime—either globally or domestically—and describe it. Why is it of such great concern? Then, suggest possible means to address this trend/issue. Your paper should be of two qualities: 1) Description: you will need to describe this current trend/issue. You might even need to do a brief historical segment to set the stage for critical assessment. 2) Critical inquiry: you must evaluate the magnitude of this trend/issue against current law enforcement capabilities and suggest new/creative means to address it. Please be as specific as you can. Do not just say, “I will write on the globalization of organized crime.” This is far too broad. I am looking for you to take a detailed look at a particular issue, critically assess it, and make specific recommendations based on your research. Approval: Please ensure you receive topic approval from me in the Week #3B Discussion Topic.