With the advent of the sharing economy (Grab/Uber), Singapore’s Taxi industry has been significantly disrupted.

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Comfort Transportation Pte Ltd, Commonly known as Comfort, is a Taxi Company owned by ComfortDelgro Corporation Ltd.

With the advent of the sharing economy (Grab/Uber), Singapore’s Taxi industry has been significantly disrupted.

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1- Introduction

Talk about Singapore facing high crisis from technological with the introduction of Grab/Uber.

Talk about General Packet Radio Service (GPRS)/Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs).

2- Business Goal

Using publicly  available information and data, propose business goals for Comfort that will address the challenges the company and industry as a whole is facing.

(Note: Age of Comfort’s Driver is around 50-60 while Grab/Uber range from 20-50)

Some example given by the Lecturer (may not necessary to use the example given below and can be more than one recommendation):-

-Comfort’s Driver Knowledge to Road/Usage of GPS?

-Reducing Daily Rental Charges of Comfort’s Driver?

-Implement Fleet Management?

-Implement various payment method.

(Currently Comfort is accepting only payment via Cash, Nets & Credit card . Maybe we can recommend alternative payment mode such as Samsung Pay, Apply Pay, Paywave, DBS Paylah etc).

3.0- Organization Training Needs Analysis

Conduct an organisational training needs analysis to determine the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for realizing the business goals proposed in Part (i).

Regulate up the training before any other results is being designed & report your finding.

3.1- Organization Task (Functional) Analysis

Conduct a task (Functional) analysis to determine the observable actions and tacit cognitive functions needed for proficiency (and perhaps even excellence) in the identified job tasks.

Compare between Comfort Uber/Grab on the Task (Functional) Analysis.

Report your findings.

4.0- Individual Learning Needs

Competitor like Uber/Grab are rising tremendously, Comfort need to provide training to it’s staff.

Conduct individual learning needs analysis to determine the employee’s performance gaps as compared against the findings of the task analysis.

Report your findings.

5.0- Identification of intended learning outcomes.

Based on the findings of the three level of training needs analysis conducted, what is the learning outcome?


If one of the option that we have chosen is various payment method to be implemented, what’s the learning outcome?

Need to provide the learning outcome for each recommendation that we have suggested.

(See 2.0, Business Goal).

6.0– Conclusion

Compare Uber/Grab against Comfort, which may eventually lead to the downfall of ComfortDelgro Group.