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Please respond directly to the classmate discussion post below in 100 words minum:

 In LA Confidential, the 3 main characters had their own moral dilemmas going on throughout the move.  You start with Edmund Exley, who appeared to be a no-nonsense kind of guy that always did the right thing, and his main goal was his advancement in the department.  He starts off the movie by what he thinks is doing the right thing and snitching on some fellow officers which gets him promoted.   He gets recognized by the department for closing a murder case when arrests the alleged offenders.  Then he comes to a crossroads when he must decide whether he continues to leave things alone to make himself look good or to do the right thing by going after the real murders and possible destroying his reputation and the departments.  At the end, he finds himself doing what he has criticized his fellow officers in doing by taking matters into his own hands and shooting his own captain instead of arresting him.
Then you have Wendell White who seeks justice, especially for those crimes committed on women.  Although he likes to get his man, he is known to do whatever it takes to get him, even if it means to break the law himself.  While going after the person who killed his former partner, he shoots the unarmed offender and stages the seen to make it look like it was self-defense.  While disliking Exley throughout the whole movie because he was a snitched and Exley slept with a woman White liked, he ended up teaming with him to go after the real killer.
Finally, you have Jack Vincennes.  He enjoys serving justice if it makes him look good and feel like a celebrity.  He supplements his income but selling and trading information to tabloids in order to make arrests.  While trying to help the tabloid set up the district attorney, he befriends and lies to Johnny Stompanato about being able to put him in a movie.  Stompanato then turns up dead even though he did not want to do it.  Jack feeling guilty, turns to finding his killers.   

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