World news | Applied Sciences homework help

Provide an update to a developing story you first covered in WN#1 or investigate new stories you find interesting. 

A reminder to read widely and then select a story or stories to highlight.  Don’t just look at one article and call it good.

Cite sources as well. 

At the beginning of the semester you are asked to pick a country (that is not your home country)
whose international news you will follow over the course of the quarter. Roughly every three
weeks, you will turn in a 2-page summary and analysis of international news that affects your
country, not just on affairs that are purely domestic.  I will periodically take time in class to allow
you to share what is going on, and you will become our resident international correspondent on
your country of choice. You need to clear your country with me before you begin, so we don’t
have duplicates.  
You can search in many reputable news sources, but a good place to start is the New York
Times International/Global section.  World Press – (Links to an external
site.)Links to an external site. – is also helpful.  
 Indicate which World News assignment you’re submitting (WN #1, WN #2, etc.)
 State which country you are following
 Have an interesting title that is responsive to your report
 Begin with a short paragraph (1/3 page) that ends with a thesis statement in bold
 The thesis should reflect your analysis of the situation – i.e. what you think about what
you’re writing about
 Cite sources properly at the end (don’t just provide web links)
 Have a minimum of two sources
World News papers will be graded on a 4.0 scale per standards of engagement, depth of
analysis, and carefully written prose.

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