Write 2–3 sentences that describes the training and a concise statement of the overall purpose of the training.

develop a 5-7 word document

Assume you have been hired as a training consultant by a medium sized  technology company.  Your client company has asked you to develop and  make a presentation for an employee training and career development  program. The majority of the company’s employees are entry level  programmers and developers and help desk technicians, but they also  employ administrators and administrative assistants. The client company  is looking for a training program which can be used for all of their  employees. The goal of the training program is to introduce the new  employees to the company, their culture, their product offerings and the  company’s expectations. The training should also re-familiarize veteran  employees to the company’s mission to create a sense of excitement  towards carrying out the vision.

Use the Training Program Design worksheet which is located in the Submissions Area to design your training program.

After you have completed the Training Design Worksheet, use that  information as a guide to develop a 5-7 word document  to present your training ideas to the client company. Make sure to  include detailed speaker’s notes which provide adequate information on  what you would say to your client if you were presenting this  information in person. Incorporate at least three references to support  the positions being presented. Apply APA standards for writing style to  your work. Submit the PowerPoint presentation for grading.

Your presentation should address each of the following elements:

  1. Training Description: Write 2–3 sentences that describes the training and a concise statement of the overall purpose of the training.
  2. Objectives: Include the objectives (at least 3) of  the training program. List the intended results of the training that  will achieve the goal in terms of knowledge, skills, behaviors, and  attitudes. The intended results should have specific and measurable  tasks or actions.
  3. Training Method: Evaluate the following training  methods and determine which might be most effective in achieving the  stated objectives you included above. List your chosen training method  for each objective you listed including one potential advantage and  disadvantage of each.
    • Large group, small group, or paired discussion
    • Individual exercise
    • Team exercise
    • Case study
    • Role play
    • Simulation
    • Audiotape
    • Videotape
    • Interactive multimedia (PC-based or CD ROM)
    • On-the-job training
    • Coaching or mentoring
    • Lecture
    • Tutorial
    • Games
    • Assigned reading
    • Other (specify)
    • Content Description: Provide a description of the activity that corresponds with your designated training methods listed above.
  • 4.Support Materials: Identify the materials and resources that will support the learning process (e.g., workbook, handouts, action plan, etc.).
  • 5.Estimated Time: Indicate how much time you will devote to each activity.
  • 6.Evaluation: What needs of the participants are  being addressed in the training design? How will you determine if  participants are applying their learning back on the job?
  • 7.Effective Design: Describe how each of the seven  steps above can be used to design an effective training model that  addresses all jobs within the organization and promotes employee  engagement.
  • 8.Career Progression: Explain which of these seven  steps you consider most important to long-term career progression within  your client company. Provide reasons and scholarly support, as  necessary, for your choices.
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