You can read this information and complete this paper. i think i need


As a new graduate, you will have to choose from among a number of job opportunities. Your values are the things you care about in choosing the job.

Typical values of graduates include compensation, prestige, healthy workplace environment, housing, and cost-of-living concerns, along with time off to spend with family and friends and social concerns. (more details like insurance, parking, free meal and so on)

As you can imagine, you want to know which values are important to you and how they rank with each other.

You will explore this now by trying to apply decision analysis tools to an actual decision that you face.

Assignment is to redo this structure by yourself.

The Structure of “Smart Choices”:Problem, Objectives, Alternatives ,Consequences, Tradeoffs

Hi, I can share you the powerpoint about this assignment 

You can read this information and complete this paper. I think I need a list values and then rank them. At last you need you use Problem, Objectives, Alternatives ,Consequences, Tradeoffs to analyze them.

please list the the details of the values.

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