You have created several documents on your chosen topic over the last few weeks

Executive Summary 6 Pages and  6 power point slides /Topic Ebola

Use attached documents for reference

You have created several documents on your chosen topic over the last few weeks; now you will complete the final step in the process which is an executive summary that will be presented to the Board of Directors for D’Wellington Healthcare Group.

Generate an Executive Summary on your chosen topic and its findings; assess its outcome on performance improvement and quality. Provide an in depth overview of how your chosen topic impacts population health and disease management using accountability and quality as the ultimate outcome. Your Executive Summary should be complemented by a power point presentation with 6-8 slides and slide notes to be used in a presentation to the board.

The “Executive Summary” addresses the following:
State clearly the objective, or purpose, of the report. In the healthcare report model, this paragraph might explain how the report demonstrates that a change in the organization or department would be beneficial to the organization. The goal of the report is to support a change in the department practice.

Explain why the change is needed and the benefits of the change.

Finally, conclude the report with a specific recommendation based on the information in the summary.

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