You need to review both article and lecture notes to answer the following questions.

You need to review both article and lecture notes to answer the following questions. Briefly describe the greenhouse effect. What human activities are impacting natural cycle of greenhouse effect? Any examples? As described in “A Safe Operating Space for Humanity,” describe planetary boundaries generally and explain why they are important.What are the branches of scientific enquiry that the authors of “A Safe Operating Space for Humanity” have used in their study of planetary boundaries? Based on class notes describe environmental and health impacts of coal combustion and research their relation to the climate change.What is the delicate balance described in the article?Explain why the humanity has the freedom to pursue long-term social and economic development as long as the thresholds are not crossed? Essay According to scientists oceans are warming much faster than previously calculated values due to technologies available today such as wireless temperature sensors that can measure ocean temperatures in very deep waters and send the data to computer systems precisely. This may cause frequent hurricanes and storms that may devastate costal areas. Similarly harsh temperature changes in Midwestern states may induce more frequent draught and flood cases as well as tornados and storms than ever before. If global warming and climate change become serious public concerns in your hometown or in general in Iowa, what might be your response to resolve and help reduce the environmental impacts of it? What are the challenges? Provide examples and offer methods to resolve the issue(s).

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